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It's Silver Sunday

Welcome to Silver Sunday everyone!!
This is a great party
hosted by Beth at Gypsy Fish.
Please take the time to visit Beth,
the participants are growing by the minute
and the treasures,
well, you just don't want to miss them.

I dried some Hydrangeas from my garden

this summer and will keep them until

I can see the fresh ones again.

They sit on this pretty tray

in their vase....love the lacy edging of this piece

I actually purchased this serving tray
just this morning at a thrift store,
It was 6.99 and I got it for 50% off....SCORE !!

Don't you love this candlestick....you just change

the candle color and voila....instant decor update


Thanks so much for stopping by,

I hope all of you that are not

used to experiencing cold weather,

keep warm and drive carefully.

I also hope that none of you felt

the earthquake on the

coast of California today.

Be safe everyone

and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


xOxO Nerina


  1. What a beautiful serving tray and you got such a great deal! I too love hydrangeas, no matter if they are fresh or dried! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Pretty serving piece, Nerina! and yeas, I would say you did very well with the price!! Good for you! Always love the hydrangeas .... ahhhh Spring ...


  3. Hello Nerina... I love your beautiful chafing dish~serving tray and what an incredible price! xoxo Juie Marie

  4. Lovely silver pieces, Nerina! The candlestick is very similiar to a courting candle.

    WOW, now that is a BARGAIN. Here in CA thrift shops finds are NOT bargains!

    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!


  5. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers!

  6. Happy Silver Sunday...that hydrangea looks so pretty in that silver tray, wish I could grow some here. You scored big time on that Silver serving tray, I love deals like that....Have a warm lazy Sunday...

  7. omg, where was the earthquake- no. or so. CA? I need to find out, I don't know why I didn't know that. My whole family is out there!
    I love hydrangeas, so pretty the way you have them.
    We're freezing here in Dallas too!!!!!!! love ya BFF

  8. I love that candle. I have one similar, but it is wrought iron....so pretty in Silver!

  9. I am trying to stay warm up here in Maine today. So I think it is perfect that I am staying inside to see everyone's posts. Love the candlestick holder.

  10. Hi Nerina, I just love dried hydrangeas and they are extra lovely in your silver vase! Have a wonderful SS!

  11. Hi Nerina,
    I also love the Hydrangeas with the silver tray. I have now joined SS and am having so much fun looking at all the talent that is out there. Have a great SS

  12. Wow, great deal on the serving piece...don't you absolutely love a great deal. Your blog name is great, I love it and very catchy.

  13. I love all the sparkly silver! No... did not feel the quake at all here today. I hope you're well and that you're having a lovely weekend.

  14. I want to go hunting with you....what a great bargain! Thanks for playing today....see you next Sunday...
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  15. That candle is so unusual. Cool! You did score a great price on that piece this morning. Love it when that happens. Isn't Silver Sunday fun!!! Have a great week! Charlene

  16. Hi Nerina!
    You got a real bargain on that thrifted silver serving dish! Great post! Happy SS and hope your Monday is good too!
    :) Laura

  17. lovely hydrangeas on the silver tray, great thrift find. wonderful candle. TFS Happy Silver Sunday!

  18. Hi Nerina
    I am lurking around to night instead of blogging but theres always tomorrow.
    love your Silver wares and that candle stick is spectacular, so unusual.
    Yes I heard about the CA earthquake on my TV in Mackay in the Qld tropics of Australia today, and the snow in Florida who"d of thought it.
    We are sweltering in the heat waves all over Aus.
    Not much work getting done this time of year.
    Keep shopping

  19. P.S. Look for a pic of Hydrangeas on my blog. One of my fav flowers altho they dont grow well in the tropics.
    they need the cold weather on them.

  20. Sweet Nerina (Sounds like a song title). Love the hydrangeas. But the deer come out and eat mine. And the temp here in SoCal has been in the high 70s and low 80s for the last week. So come on down. But bring your sun-block.

  21. the dried hydrangea colors really suit the color of silver...don't they? And I love your pink Saturday run way fashions. Can you imagine actually wearing the first pink ruffled dress? Maybe at a tea party for Alice in Wonderland. xo


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