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Sea and Sky Inspired


Hello Everyone !
Hope you are experiencing
some happy thoughts today!
I took a little inspiration from the Sea and Sky!!

I just don't know what is it about this terrific color that keeps me coming back for more, I suppose it is the calm and serenity of it all and also the fact that is turns the corners of my lips up to produce a rather large grin!

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Hugs xOxO Nerina



  1. What eye candy!!! As much as I love PINK, I think this color is what I prefer in my home!

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I hope we see some blue sky today!


  2. Oh, you're singing my song...these are so my colours. A few months ago I bought the Pottery Barn Painterly Paisley Duvet and I just love the way it looks!

  3. Hello Nerina... I love the colors of the sea (and I love the sea as well!) ... these are truly beautiful photos and they relax me as well... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Oh wow, love that second bedroom so much! Fab pictures!

  5. What very cool and comfy spaces, Nerina. I love that bathroom...the bungalow has a built-in medicine cabinet like that!

    I hope you are having a beautiful day!

    : )

    Julie M.

  6. The bedspread is the same color as my eyes. How do you do it?


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