a bit of this, a bit of that

Tarnished or Sparkling !!

Happy Sunday Friends
How is your day looking so far!!
I am joining a new group of lovelies
for a
Silver Sunday Blog Party
hosted by the Charming
this will run every Sunday until February 7
Please take some time to
visit all of the Shining Party guests!!
I would like to share this
Sheffield Serving tray
as my first contribution.
I found this at an Estate Sale
about 10 years ago.
I used to frequent
Estate Sales....I think I want
to get back in the game...look
at the treasures to be had.....how can you resist.

The details of the removeable handle

and the edge trim on the base as well

as the lid are some of what drew me

to this piece in the first place

It is a bit tarnished....ok...ok...alot,

I will clean her up and maybe she

will be used for my next get together

or just to hold my pearls,

these are but a few,

maybe I can use her in my

new romantic bathroom...ohhh,

now you're thinkin.

You still have time to join this fun party....just pop over to Gypsy Fish Journal and sign up.

Right now I have to take down the Christmas Tree and the little village, pack away all of the musical guys and remove decor from lighting......soon the house will be devoid of the Holiday decorations for another 11 months....what will I replace all of these goodies with????

Enjoy your day my lovelies,

put on your creativity hat..or socks

and let me know what motivates you!!

Hugs xOxO



  1. Oh, Nerina,that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and how pretty would it look in your new romantic bathroom!!

    Have a wonderful day!! You always make me feel good with your posts and comments!!


  2. Good Morning Nerina...
    I love this Sheffield Serving tray. The detail on the lid is just beautiful. Even the tray itself is so detailed. What a wonderful find.

    Yes, she needs a little cleaning. Get out your Tarn-X and a rag, spif her up a little and she will sing like a tea kettle. But for now, at least she was bought, and she is in a home of love.

    Have a wonderful day sweetie. Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. Hi Nerina... Oooh I love your beautiful serving tray... your pearls look so very pretty in it... I would leave it tarnished, I think it is beautiful just the way it is...it speaks of so many years and so many memories... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. gorgeous! i actually love the tray as is, tarnished. the details are amazing. great find!

  5. That's a beautiful serving tray and a wonderful place to store your pearls also! Happy Silver Sunday!

  6. I love this piece! So ornate. And I love it tarnished. Thanks for sharing....

  7. I like your silver tray! and I wouldn't worry about tarnish. Better to use as is than to have them sit in a drawer. Thanks for visiting my silver collection at Beth's Take on Life. Enjoy your day!

  8. I'm voting for keeping the tray tarnished too! It's a beautiful piece and the pearls look so nice against the tarnished silver. Look forward to seeing what next week brings.

  9. Nernia, What great details on your serving dish, my heart always races when I find these, especially if they still have the lid. Great find! can't wait to see more ~ Theresa

  10. Beautiful, tarnished or not. The pearls are a nice touch!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Beautiful tray & cover! Love all the swirls and twirls. You should really get back in the estate sale game, such fun.

  12. That's a beautiful piece, Nerina! I like ornate silver, too.


    Sheila :-)

  13. thanks for stopping by and visiting French Lique... let me say, first, that I adore the name of your blog! secondly... you know some girls love those tarnished silver treasures... me... I have to polish... there is something about bringing that shine back to an old neglected piece... but eitherway... we girls do love our shiny objects don't we.

    new year blessings. Dixie

  14. Oh I love that tray! I must start going to Estate Sales, everyone seems to find the best vintage items at them! Silver(tarnished or not tarnished) with pearls works for me!

  15. Very lovely, such pretty vintage detail. happiest of Sundays to you!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  16. Gosh, what a gorgeous silver serving piece! Love it!

  17. What a beautiful serving piece. I agree estate sales are fun... lots of treasures. TFS on SS

  18. oooooooooooh BFF! You have great taste. That tray is so gorgeous, esp with the pearls on it! I love that!!!!!!!! I'll have to fly you down here to decorate my new house, if we ever move in it!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week! xOxO

  19. I LOVE this serving tray, Nerina! ... I see the bottom portion of these trays all the time at the thrift stores, but never such a pretty lid ... you did good! Ho about replacing the Christmas decor with a silver display?


    ps. your VBF Gypsy bundle just left today ... sorry it took sooo long ... keep your eyes open!

  20. Beautiful tray, adore the detail! ~ Angela

  21. That tray and the lid are sooo pretty!

  22. Hi Nerina: Pretty silver lidded tray. Thanks so much for sharing.


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