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Silver Mine meets Hockey Day in Canada


Iwami Ginzan, is the latest addition to the World Heritage’s lists of old treasure collection.
This silver mine used to be the busiest silver mine in the world, produced 1/3rd of the world’s silver production in the 1500’s.
The silver mined from Iwami Ginzan was used mainly for coins. It was contested fiercely by warlords until the Tokugawa Shogunate won control of it in 1600 as a result of the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600.
It was later secured by fences and barricaded by pine trees. Yamabuki Castle was built in the centre of the complex.

Silver production from the mine fell in the nineteenth century as it had trouble competing with mines elsewhere and it was eventually closed.

Today, the mine is a just a lonely little hole in surrounded by shrubs and a huge tablet in front.
At a glance, one may not realize it’s historical value
but it does have an air of mysteriousness to it.


Hockey Day in Canada

The Ultimate Faceoff

Hockey events were happening all over Canada on Saturday

We spent the morning from 9:00am until 2:00pm outside on Saturday, celebrating Hockey Day in Canada, cheering on my son while he played in a Charity Ball Hockey Tournament representing his school at a nearby town.
Many venues had about 15 teams participating at the same time.

Bundled up, consuming hot beverages, all of the parents involved have known each other for many years and through many events as our kids are in 8th grade and are graduating this year.

5 games later and with record low temperatures

with the windchill -29, blue skies though

Oh my goodness is right!!

Totally fun event, parent bonding, the kids had a ball and now...we all can't wait for Spring
Enjoy the rest of your day folks!!
Happy Sunday !!
xOxO Nerina


  1. Hi girlfriend!!

    We have lots of gold mines in them here parts but not silver!

    So you're a hockey mum, eh?! My nephew who lives in Montana is a hockey player and a pretty good one I hear!

    Thank you for stopping by! I've missed ya' girl!

    Have a faBulous day!


  2. Did you hear about the leper colony that started a hockey team? During the very first game,there was a face off in the corner...
    NYUK, NYUK, NYUK. I can't help it. I'm old.

  3. I was getting ready to leave a nice comment about what us moms do for our kids, including standing in the cold, etc.....but the comment above this one, made me laugh, NYUK, NYUK. Sorry.

  4. Those polar bears are hilarious!!!! Thanks for coming to the party...see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}


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