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Tiffany Blue Heaven

Welcome friends!
I hope your day is going well so far.
Been thinking alot about this color and how it really makes me happy!!
Thought I'd share some inspiration with you!!
Do you have a favorite color palatte that makes you smile ???

Oh to wake up in the morning and pour your cereal into this lovely bowl...I gotta get me a couple of these!!

If I receive jewelry, this is the color of the box that I would like to see

This will be the color of my summer pedicure...getting a little ahead of the season...but it makes me feel optimistic. Did you know that Tiffany has a trademark on their color and you are not allowed to duplicate it. This is pretty close, I'd say.

If I ever get married again....this will be my color palette....how could you not feel as if this was the best day of your life with all of this sunshine around you

This is going to be the color that

I paint everything with for 2010......oh and a bit of white

Have a fabulous day!!
Hugs xOxO


  1. Well, ya know my color is PINK, but I think this blue is to die for! This was the color of my niece's wedding. I think I may need to redo our guestroom and incorporate this blue!

    Have a wonderful day, Nerina!


  2. I love this color too, but glitter is my favorite color! tee hee!

    Great post my sweet friend!

    Love and hugs,

  3. My favorite color is bright, neon green and has been since 1969! Seriously. However, I love most clear, tropical colors- pinks, blues, greens, reds, purples. The aquas in your post are especially pleasing to me. Hot pink always makes me feel good, too. Color, in general, makes me happy.


  4. Such a beautiful color Nerina... I love Robin's egg blue as well... of course, I love Robins, and their little eggs so much too! Spring is coming... really... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Nerina,

    Tiffany Blue is a wonderful colour. I've never used it much, but I'm thinking I need to have it somewhere! I usually go for bluer-blues.

    I'm reading through your blog as I think about what to include in the matchbox valentine swap. It's a great place to visit!


  6. Yum yum YUMMY color! I love it! It is one of my favorites too! I hope this is one of your best years ever! Happy Happy New Year, Nerina!




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