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Happy Pink Halloween !!


On this day we don't often think

of the color Pink,

but, as you know this is

Beverly's fabulous Pink Saturday party...

...and you are all invited.

Thank you to Beverly of 'How Sweet the Sound' for hosting

this pink eye candy treat every week!!!

A sweet little Vintage 50s bouffant

looks absolutely stunning

with a pale pink cashmere sweater...don't ya think

Even Mini Mouse can't resist the urge

to join in the costuming fun

and be a little bit naughty as a pink witch on this day!!

I love how this little pink Jack-O-Lantern he makes me smile

It just would not be the Halloween
without some treats to share

Enjoy a Goulish Evening!!!

Happy Halloween

xOxO Nerina :)


  1. Ha ha ha, great post! Wherever did you find pink halloween cookies!?!?! Happy PiNk SaTuRdAy & Halloween!!


  2. omygosh!!! i want that wig for my doggy!!! cute!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I want those pink cookies! Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween!

  4. Oh I like the pink Halloween.

    Happy Halloween,

  5. Lovely pink Halloween images, hope your Pink Sat. Halloween is full of fun and sweetness of all kinds...

  6. hee hee I love the idea of a pink Halloween!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Oh that dog wig is hysterical! Have a spooktacular weekend sweet friend!!

  8. Love, love, love the pink (instead of orange) for Halloween! Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween to you, too!


  9. love the pink cookies and the bulldog, funny i think i know a lady who looks just like that..have a wonderful halloween

  10. Wonderful post, Nerina! The pink bouffant wig makes me crack up! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. Love it all and your pink cookies..I shall have one please?? Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween.

  12. Oh Nerina, your posts are always so cute. I love the Minnie and of course the treats are too beautiful to eat, Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween, Char

  13. Happy Halloween and Pink Saturday!!
    Beautiful pink post !
    Love from Rini the Netherlands

  14. That pink wig made me LOL too funny love all your pinks today. Have a great Pink Day and Happy Halloween.

  15. You found some cute and appropriatelu seasonal pinks to share with us today. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday. Happy Halloween.

  16. there's been a time or two when i left the hairdresser looking like the dog...ugh! lol.

  17. I like Halloween in Pink much better! Happy Halloween!

  18. How cool! I love that dog picture. I also love that red, white and blue bark...gonna make that for sure!

  19. What a fun Pink Saturday post for Halloween. Sorry I'm so late in arriving. Love the dog and the pink treats. Each photo is perfect for a pink Halloween. Great job! ~ Sarah

  20. Oh Nerina....I love the bulldog with the wig....I didn't even think of dressing Miss Ruby up...I don't think she would have like it anyway. We bought her new pink parka for winter and she won't even move in it. It's hilarious. :-)


  21. Nerina does it again. You rock. My parents used to raise English Bull dogs, I learned to walk holding on to one's ears. But pink beehive on that mug could be like a gorgon, and turn people to stone. Those dogs are as ugly as a mud fence. But I love them, and you as well.

  22. OK, I am a bit late with my pink readings and revellings ... and commenting my appreciation ... but your post really put a smile on my face. Thank you!


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