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Happy Pink Saturday !!

How about a Pink Sugar Rush!!

Visit Beverly at 'How Sweet the Sound'
our hostess for this
Pink Saturday Eye Candy Celebration

I love watching the sugar just explode
and become like a silk web.
Then they wind it around on the folded paper cone,
next thing you know...your fingers are all sticky
and your lips are stuck together
and your tummy is sayin' what the heck is goin on!!!!!

But, if you are in a rush,
you can just grab it in a bag for later....
...when you have a wetwipe
or are close to running water...for clean up...you know!!

I love the feel of these candy corn
when you pop a bunch in your mouth
and you can feel them becoming one
when you start to chew.......Sweeeeeet!!!

This is candy you can play with,
break it and make letters,
build little structures,
place on tongue and just let it melt

These little lovelies are
the first dipping before the chocolate ......

then you can't wait to break it open,
or you can just hold it in your mouth
until all of the layers dissolve
and taste each one separately...

...I think I'm going to die!!!!

Always have candy at the ready....
....just pull on your necklace and bite one off, or two

Don't these rock candy sticks
look fabulous, so sparkly and all,
they taste great too

Love love Good & Plenty
Lay them on your tongue
and wait until you taste the licorice...OMG!!

Finally, last but by no means least, Licorice Allsorts.
I always sorted the Pink and Black ones out
because I thought they tasted divine.
Loved to build stacks with the square layers
and them squish them between my fingers
and then shove them in my mouth....geez...I love candy!!!

This my friends is why I have so many cavities!!!

Well worth it I tell ya, well worth it!!!

Have a fabulous Pink Saturday everyone!!
Enjoy some candy today...what the heck...Everyday!!

Hugs xOxO Nerina :)


  1. What a deliciously sweet Pink Saturday post!!!


  2. *sigh* pink candy corn....i need some of that!!! YUMMY!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Hello, Nerina,
    A very SWEET post today! The cotton candy always reminds me of the circus where I always had cotton candy as a young girl. I had not thought of those candy necklaces in a long time. It was always fun to just grab a bite right while it was still around your neck!! Thanks for this fun post and a stroll down memory lane. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Vicki

  4. Hello Nerina, how cute! I especially love cotton candy! But I really do love ALL candy... the pink candy corn is fun! Bisous... Julie Marie

  5. I'll take an order of each, but double the cotton candy! I haven't had it in years. Happy Pink Nerina and have a loveleigh weekend!

    Love the walk down the candy isle.
    Warm and wonderful PINK weekend blessings ;-)

  7. Your blog is sooooo yummy today! I think I just got a sugar rush! Love your aqua background.

  8. What a SWEET post this week Nerina. You even featured one of my favorites: good and plenty. I always eat all the white ones first, then the pink. For some reason the pink taste better, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. What a yummy pink post! I'll take one (maybe two) of each!
    Happy Pink Saturday Nerina!
    Mary :)

  10. What a clever post :-). I have , of course, gone into sugar shock just looking at your wonderful pictures :-) Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a great Pink Saturday.

  11. oooo PINK! My favorite color. I think I shall take one of each hehehee :)

  12. That was the most deliciously pink post ever! I live on the Jersey Shore & every year we have to visit the boardwalk in SeaSide Heights NJ. I must have my yearly fix of pink cotton candy!! Have a yummy pink day! xo Tami

  13. I'm now going to be wishing for a chocolate covered cherry for the rest of the day! Do they sell them when it's not Christmas! Have a great pink Saturday and be sure to come visit!

  14. oooh I need to go for a lonnnng flight now to burn off your candy treats! Thank you for your hospitality! Please come visit at my party for more treats....if you haven't flown in already!

  15. Hey lady. I got a toothache and a sugar coma just reading this. Nah, it was great. Love ya bunches.

  16. Sorry I'm a little late. Seems like when the sun is out I feel a desperate need to go outside and run errands or just life my face to the heavens and soak in the last rays before winter hits my neck of the woods.

    It's always so much fun to share in the pink goodness of the blogs gathered together for Pink Saturday. A collection of some of the nicest women and prettiest blogs in cyberspace!

    Wishing you a weekend filled with l♥ve and sunshine!

  17. I have a sweet tooth so I'd like a piece of everything please! :-) It was nice to see your pretty blog today. Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. As I can upon each pic, I said, that's the one that is my favorite. Okay, so hopeless, I love them all.

    Still visiting around Pink Saturday posts and wishing you a wonderful week.

  19. Hey, Nirena! You're killin' me here! LOL
    I enjoyed all of the amazing pictures of the amazing candies:) and thought that the cotton candy had me until I saw the chocolate covered cherries. omg.
    can't eat just one!

    hope you're well! xo, jan

  20. Oh thanks for the yummy pinks...I love this post today! How I love candy corn this time of year and I really never knew you could get it pink! Must go a looking..my lovely glass candy jar needs to be filled!

  21. I love candy too. My favorite is Sugar Babies. Why mess around with chocolate? I go right for the caramel sugary goodness of Sugar Babies.

  22. Mmmmmmmm, cotton candy! Happy Pink Saturday a day late! Please stop by my blog-I'm doing a giveaway until Friday, 10/23. Hugs, Leslie

  23. Oh. my. gosh. !!!!!!!!! How sweet is that???!!! I want to take a bite out of this post!

  24. Hi Nerina!

    Whew....love all that pink candy. Good thing I don't have any around here! I had forgotten all about Allsorts. Aren't they pretty?



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