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Welcome to Vintage Black Friday !!

Thank you so much to Jill from Gypsy Brocante
for hosting this fun Vintage Black Friday Party!!
So much more to see and enjoy
and it's only a click away!!

Before there were chain stores to purchase our clothes,
most of the simple act of creating
or caring for our family was done in the home.

I love the look of vintage sewing machines.
The elegant sweep of the frame
coupled with the delicate gold lettering
from The Singer Sewing Co.

Love the wrought iron of the treadle foot

The exquisite detail in the gold painting
makes this almost a work of art

This gorgeous 50s Emma Domb prom dress
with Spanish lace and ruffles
really puts you in the mood
to dance the night away!!

Add these charming lace shoes

and scrumptious black shell beaded evening bag
and you are all set

Enjoy your Friday everyone....do something

that makes you smile today :)

Hugs xOxO Nerina


  1. Wow, Nerina, just absolutely fabulous photos! I love them all! I remember lace heels!!! They took me back in time for a moment! So elegant and dressy!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Lovely...the dress is so beautiful....x

  3. Hi Nerina, I love the old sewing machine, I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandma's old one, called White Family Rotary and it is black with flowers handpainted all over it... my treasure! I also love those black lace high heels! Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. Nerina,
    Great stuff. My grandmother used to have that very same model Singer, in black and gold.

  5. Nerina, I loved seeing this. My grandmother had a machine like the second one down! I'm not sure who got it, but I think it went to one of my nieces.

    That dress, shoes, and bag look like some of the things my mother would wear for evenings out. Also my sisters. They had acres of tulle under ball gowns back then. I have much older sisters so I had the advantage of being able to play in their clothes. My grandmother had a huge closet full of their ball gowns which she let me play in to my hearts content. ;-)



  6. I absolutely love the black dress!!!! Great Blog.

  7. Great choice for VBF..the dress~I would love to wear and the sewing machines are great.

    I do not sew...I bought an old Singer that was black and I knew I could make $ off of it. I only paid about $35....it Sold to an older gentleman that said his Mother used to own one like it.

    I sold it for $125 and now I wish I had it back :(

  8. The prom dress and bag are fantastic - as are the shoes. My dream is to have a vintage Singer Featherweight. They are fabulous machines, besides be gorgeous!

  9. Looks like you will have a magical evening with all of this classic black beauty! Stunning! happy VBF

  10. wow! you've got some awesome stuff here! that sewing machine is beautiful, and that dress looks like it would be so fun to wear!

  11. Love all your things. Would you believe I have some shoes that were my mothers that look like that!!! Happy VBF...julie

  12. The old sewing machines are pretty, aren't they? ... they go right along with my thought of serving a purpose, practical and beautiful all wrapped up in one! They do look like 'works of art' ... great choices, as usual, Nerina ... thank you!

    Happy VBF and have a terrific weekend!


  13. *sigh* i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the sewing machines and loving the dress! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  14. Nerina, my computer burped so I don't know if my comment posted, so here I go again! lol

    I know...tooo Tina Typical! haha!

    Anyway, I came over for pink and instead got some fabulous vintage black! That singer looks so chic and the prom dress is darling! I adore the lace pumps!

    Now worries about the pink, I just hope all is well with you!


  15. Ohhhh HVBF, love your taste, love those black shoes!!!

  16. Awesome Collection for the Vintage Black Friday. I love the first sewing machine. I am on a hunt for a new one and I would really like to buy a vintage one that is in good working condition!


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