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Vintage Black Friday !!


Thank you so much to Jill from Gypsy Brocante
for hosting this fun Vintage Black Friday Party!!
So much more to see and enjoy
and it's only a click away!!

Vintage 40's Black Nylon Taffeta Reel Poise

Strapless Swimsuit available at Glamour Surf

Not only does this suit have rusching and

would hide a few ripples,

it has fabric in all the right places

to make you look fabulous daling !!

Taffeta Ruffles Vintage 40s High Waist Circle Skirt

from fabgabs

Love this scrumptious full circle taffeta skirt,

perfect for visiting friends or doing the laundry,

you know...like Mrs. Cleaver (Beaver's mom)


I wish that I had the cadunes

to dress in Vintage clothing!!

The style is so fetching and completely girlie!!


Have a Fabulous Friday Friends !!

Hugs xOxO Nerina :)



  1. Fab!!! LOVE that phone in the background!! I loved the styles of hte 50s, woman wore hats and gloves, men wore hats, tres chic! Hugs, Marsha

  2. Okay, I am in love with both pieces! The skirt is fabulous and that bathing suit...I want it! Happy Vintage Black Friday!

  3. I love both of those! And yes, I can just see June Cleaver hanging her laundry out on the line in that skirt! Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. I love vintage and clothes and have a lot. I wear them when they fit. It seems people were a lot smaller way back when and not usually as tall, so a lot of things just don't fit properly. I bet you'd look smashing in something vintage! Try it, you might really like it!! I love the skirt as it is definitely something I would wear. The swimsuit, not so much to wear, but to have in my collection, that I would love.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Can you imagine swimming in that bathing suit?!
    Gosh Wally, what IS the size of the waist on that skirt??

    Both items are great!!


  6. oooohh they are both wonderful.
    I would love to have that skirt, so beautiful.

  7. I adore that skirt... so classy!


  8. Vintage black leather jackets. I'll send you a pic of Marilyn Monroe in a leather jacket, behind James Dean on a black Harley...

  9. Gorgeous pics, with that swimsuit I would finally want to wear one in public!

  10. I would beg for that skirt. It is wonderful!! Have a great Vintage Black Friday....julie

  11. Talk about your glad rags! Simply gorgeous! Happy VBF...Beth

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Good to hear from you again and hope all is going well! xo...deb

  13. Gorgeous wear! How I wish women still dressed up. cherry

  14. Very glamorous! I always thought it would be neat to wear an authentic dress from the 50's. Great pictures!

  15. That's my kinda bathing suit! And I do love that vintage dress too, but I'm not much of a dress girl :) Happy weekend!!

    :) T

  16. Ohhh pretty skirt, its so frilly...love it!
    Happy Vintage Friday

  17. Absolutely gorgeous skirt, I would wear one just like that in a heart beat!

    Thank you very much for your comment, sweet dear, I hope you're having a marvelous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica


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