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Thankful Thursday !!

Hi there,

I have to admit that I have not be very thankful lately!! It seems that one thing or another is always stealing my joy!! I have decided today that I will not let any of this other 'stuff' get to me. You know...it's all about how you react to things that make the difference. I always try and look on the bright side of things, always try to smile through the s*#t!! It can take it's toll and I guess, it did!!

Well...it's a new day and I am going to be Thankful Today!! Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 12th.

From the end of the First World War until 1930, both Armistice Day and Thanksgiving Day were celebrated on the Monday closest to November 11, the anniversary of the official end of hostilities in World War I. In 1931, Armistice Day was renamed Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving Day was moved to a Monday in October. Since 1957, Thanksgiving Day has always been held on the second Monday in October.

We will be going up north to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Cottage in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. It really is a beautiful little spot and is a bustling busy town on this weekend.

Allowing boat traffic between the two lakes
is Lock 32, the oldest lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway,
which joins Trenton,
on Lake Ontario and Port Severn, on Lake Huron

My HBs family has done this for years and I do not see my family over this weekend! It usually is about 25+ adults and kids...tons of activities, food and fun!! This year there will only be about 10 of us and it will really give me the opportunity to relax instead of always running around taking care of things. I am really looking forward to getting away and breathing some fresh air, although we have a forest about 500 yards from our home, I really do not venture there...sad really...hey, maybe that will be my new thing......walk across the street and enjoy nature...ya...that's what I will do....no really, I will.....I think.

You cannot go through the town without a stop at 'Granny's Home Baking' for the most mouthwatering homemade goodies you have ever tasted! Pies, cookies, breads and tarts...my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Another highlight is the Kawartha Dairy, this was the first dairy in the region and folks line up for the best ice-cream around!!

I love to drop everyone off at the cottage and drive back to town for...what else...the shopping!! Tons of tourists visit the quaint and often unique boutiques as well as country shops. It is really peaceful to just walk around by myself and take it all in, the locks are right beside the main drag and you have to drive around them to get to more shops. It is really a tranquil town this time of year as most of the crazy boaters and partiers have packed up and the town is full of older more calm people...like myself or the locals.

Eight store Bigley's Shoes and Clothing

Back to the cottage for a Thanksgiving feast!!
Can hardly wait!!

What are you thankful for today????

Hugs xOxO Nerina :)


  1. Oh, Nerina, what a fun time you will have!

    Yeah, sometimes life can be really challenging! I've missed you! Glad to see you back! Thank you so much for dropping by today and leaving me such cheery comments! You ALWAYS brighten my day!

    Have a wonderful time and Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hello Nerina, I am thankful to have met you, and for your very sweet comment on my post today... I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time... and yes, please take a Nature walk in the woods so close to you... I always blog about our daily Nature walks, and I love them...it is my therapy... I always tell people "don't just keep your eyes open, keep an open heart as well"... Bisous... Julie Marie

  3. ..for Ice Cream, and Chocolate!

    But I'm really thankful for Chocolate Ice Cream!!!

  4. what a cute town, you will have a wonderful thanksgiving

  5. I am thankful for every morning when I wake up and have the opportunity for a new day of memory making. I enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to many more posts. :-)

  6. GORGEOUS photos...looks to be a BEAUTIFUL area!!!! I'm sorry things have been rough....hoping things get better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Happy almost Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend! Today I am thankful that I have made it thru "allergy" season with no problems, and currently, my little clan is all "cold" free!!!

    :) T

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!! Love that waterway in between the two lakes. I'm sure it's fun to just watch there (if weather allows).

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you! What a lovely place to enjoy your holiday! Enjoy and relax! Do enjoy some yummies at the bakery for me, too!;) Lori


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