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Happy Pink Saturday !!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time
to visit me on this wonderful Pink Saturday!!

Thank you to our lovely
Hostess Beverly of 'How Sweet the Sound'
for bringing this fabulous group of
Pinkalicious goodness together in one place.

Do you know what I miss these days

....I miss the Movie Stars, the Screen Goddesses

Not the Actors of today...
but the real on screen starlettes,
I miss the clothing
and the filters on the cameras
that made everything look so dreamy

The glamorous women that would
light up the screen
with their beauty as well as their brains,
some with a little more sass than others

How many of these beauties do you remember???

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in 'To Catch a Thief'

Natalie Wood

Doris Day and Rock Hudson in 'Pillow Talk'

Elizabeth Taylor

Ann Margaret and Elvis in 'Viva Las Vegas'

Candice Bergen

Kim Novak and William Holden in 'PICNIC'

Sophia Loren

Marilyn Monroe

Jane Fonda as 'Barbarella'


Make some great memories today!!!

xOxO Nerina :)



  1. I think you are right about the difference between the actors of today and the screen goddesses of the past. There was a lot more mystique and mystery surrounding the stars of the golden age. Today, we know practically everything about everyone and so many of those 'famous' people are famous just for being famous. They haven't done anything of note, except, maybe in a negative context. Ah, the good ole days!
    Happy Pink Saturday to you, Miss Nerina!

  2. Ah, yes, those were the glamour days, something was left to the imagination, sexy, alluring, handsome, classy, ladies and gentlemen . . .

    I remember then ALL!!

    Beautiful photos, Nerini!

    Have a beautiful PiNk SaTuRdAy and be sure to stop by on Tuesday when I will have more PINK!!



  3. I remember them all - I am a big old movie fan! Today we know everything about everyone - 24 hour cable, twitter, phone photos, internet - there are no secrets. How can a movie star be glamorous and mysterious when we know everything about them?
    By the way, Pillow Talk is one of my favorite movies!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. I remember them all and well. They are some of my favorite actresses. I also miss their TALENT. That seems to be far and few today with what I call the shooting stars... they blaze up and then amount to virtually nothing. I miss this screen era a lot.

    Happy Pink Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  5. the woman were sooooo gorgeous then, i think we have lost glamour, have a wonderful weekend

  6. Hi Nerina, I remember all of those... yes, the movies just aren't the same these days... I always wanted to be Ann~Margaret... and William Holden... wow! Was he ever easy on the eyes!... Bisous... Julie Marie

  7. Oh yes..I do remember them all, they were all so talented. The women gorgeous and the men so handsome. Loved those beautiful clothes they used to wear. Happy Pinks and have a great weekend.

  8. I remember all of these gals. We have lost glamor but we've still got some beautiful women on the screen today. Perhaps our standards of beauty have changed. I'm thinking of the unconventional beauty of Meryl Streep and Glen Close. The classic beauty of Nicole Kidman. The girl/woman next door of Kate Winslet. There are at least 10 other modern beauties I could throw out there but space does not permit. I hope you are enjoying Pink Saturday.

  9. What a fun post, I love old movies and all of these actresses are fabulous. I have to admit, Marilyn can get on my nerves a bit. That breathy voice irritates me. She was gorgeous though. Happy Pink Day!

  10. *sigh* grace and natalie....loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this post!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. I so agree with you on this one! Such fabulous ladies!

  12. I just love the way fashion repeats itself! :) Great post...loved it! xo...deb

  13. Oh I love Pillow Talk, Doris Day is lovely. Love Grace Kelly too.

  14. They just don't make actors and actresses like they used to. These people had to WORK for their fame, now a days they just have their picture taken and they are famous!!

  15. I often miss those days as well, but can still get lost in the beauty of the screen in the reruns. There are no stars today, just actors, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  16. Nerina,
    I learn so much from your blog, I'm gonna have to list you as a source. I have a large pile of classic black friday stuff, so I'll be linking to you for awhile. Let em talk. If i don't bother you. It won't bother me.
    Love ya bunches,

  17. This was fun. Great post.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Nerina.

  18. That is marvelous.

    I am an old movie enjoyer too, much more so than nowaday's films, good thing I want to make them too!

    My favourites of the bunch are Jane (superwoman with a brain), Kim (was a producer too!) and Natalie (gems in her eyes).

  19. So true..., and then there are Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman who I admire too.

  20. I didn't know William Holden had that chest!!! You can't see it on the black and white reruns have Password!


  21. remember them and all more! Old movies are my ALL TIME favorites! Thanks for taking me down memory lane!


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