6 days until School begins!!

In preparation for the new school year, we are given a list by the new teacher for September at the conclusion of the school year in June. Years ago when my daughter went to Elementary school, the list was considerably shorter. This new list consists of items such as Kleenex and Paper Towels, crazy that we have to provide these now. I guess if we want them to have something other than their sleeves to wipe their noses when they sneeze...

Lets just say that we have not made a dent in this new list.

As my son is not the most organized or neat dude around, we will have to replenish this cache several times throughout the year. I check his pencil case frequently and notice that by the end of a week, he has gone through (can you say lost) many items and we will have to restock constantly. I'd say some of this stuff will last maybe until mid October.

We still have to get a new backpack, shoes, more supplies and don't forget the newest most stylish whatever is of the moment!!

My son will be starting Grade 8 this year. His school is K - 8, so he will be in the Graduating class this year...very exciting...where does the time go!!

He does have his new lock already and has been practicing his combination, he does not want to be standing in front of his locker and thinking 'what the heck is my combo'. He has enough to worry about just getting to class and finding the required items for said class, nevermind being burdened by the locker not opening!

I know he will have a fantastic year as all of his classmates and himself are so looking forward to the year end trip and the many graduation events. I know, the school year has not yet begun and he is talking about June already!!!
Try and live in the moment buddy!!


My thoughts turn to fall as the new school year approaches and that means cozy sweaters and colored leaves and long walks with a thermos of hot chocolate. I love fall and all of the goodies associated with it.

Do you have a favorite fall tradition???

What do you love most about this time of year, wherever you are, even if the leaves don't change and you still have glorious temps year round???

Enjoy the balmy end
of summer weather everyone!!

Do something fun today!!

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. I always loved school supply shopping when I was a kid! Those pictures bring back fond memories :)

  2. Oh, I remember those days...there is a slight feel of autumn in the air today. I do love the smell of wood burning in the fall.

  3. Your beautiful pics bring back such good memories! Aah!

    Hope you're having a great Thursday!

    PS thanks for stopping by today - hope you got back OK & Daniel took good care! I'll have a word with his agent though about that unexpected change of outfit!!

  4. 6 more days , that's it I am moving , nah , I am now wondering what kind of lunches will the girls want or maybe they will walk home for lunch ?
    Happy preparing , I am enjoying the cooler weather .

  5. Hi Nerina! What fun they are having! (And you as well). Yes, it happens so quickly, my kids are 30 and 32 and I swear it happened overnight!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I LOVE your blog, and I'll be back!!


  6. Oh my gosh, I saw your pic of the pink ranunculus on your sidebar! I absolutely adore these! I don't have any, but wish I did. Are they hard to grow? Do you know if they dry well at all?

    Thanks so much!


  7. wow, we have been in school for three weeks, how lucky he is to still have lockers, the took out lockers here, probably about 8 years ago, backpacks get really heavy, I have an 8th grader also, so sad, next year they will be in high school, sigh

  8. Oh we started school this week, and tonight is our first High School Football game of the season. I am so ready for the weekend!
    I hope your son has a great first day of school!

  9. I used to love the beginning of school, new clothes, school supplies and a new lunch box! The time does fly, before you know it, he'll be off to college!

    I'm so looking forward to Fall, can't stand the extreme hot anymore. I'm looking forward to cool breezes, using the fireplace, snuggling up with my man and enjoying the upcoming holidays.

  10. Thanks for visiting the rooster party and for your sweet comments. We start school on the 9th. Hard to believe the summer is almost over. I have a son going into 10th grade and a son starting college. Yekes... did I just say college!!!!!! Blessings...Sherry

  11. Oh thanks honey, will do.

    Loved this post, the funny view on back to school, the locker thing was hilarious and 'try to live in the moment buddy'!!


  12. Okay, I have to be selfish in this one but I enjoy fall the most because it's my birthday on the first day of fall. Yippee!!! Really, what I like most about fall is (especially this year) is that the weather starts to cool down! It has been a hot summer and I'm ready to start wearing sweaters!!!


  13. Nerina,

    I hope your son can pick up belongings retention this year - I can't imagine what it must be like to be a modern day Mom, does one HAVE to get the newest latest whatever?

    Autumn is treasured and all the things you mentioned, I have too in another comment box. Lovely.

  14. hehehehehehehe....I think your son and my son MIGHT secretly be related!!! LOL!!!!!!! :):):):):):):) Living in the *bleep* desert of Arizona....I have to sadly say that I have no Fall traditions....cuz we have no Fall :( ....it is HOT here until almost November, leaves don't turn colors....etc etc etc...well....I guess U could say I have one tradition....LOL....WAITING for the COOLER weather when U have had 100+ degree days ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for over 6 months....that's a good tradition! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  15. I think that last question must be directed at me! Let me see, I don't think I really have any fall traditions to speak of. When you are self-employed, just as there is no difference between days for me, there is really no difference between seasons. I do have to say that my favorite day of the fall is when the time changes. Even though there are only 24 hours in that day, it SEEMS like the longest day of the year. It feels as if it does on forever.

  16. Oh, it's still a little early for me to think about fall..., but then I'm having a giveaway @ Completely Coastal on Monday that ties right into the fall theme, funny. I'm sure you'll like it lot, so I hope you have the time to visit an enter..., and if you mention it on your blog I'll enter you 3 times. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

  17. Mmm, who doesn't love the smell of new School Supplies in the morning? Fall is definitely my favorite season, the crispness in the cool air, changing colors, leaves crunching underfoot. The start of school is just the prelude. Have a great weekend!


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