Barn Salvage Roadtrip

Today the hubby is takin us on a little

road trip to find some Barn Salvage.

I'm gettin out the steel toe boots and hard first.

I am so never know what you'll find

in these old treasures.

I am exploding with ideas

Will share my goodies when I return!!

Enjoy your day today!!

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. Hi Nerina,
    Wow! You'll have to let me know what treasures you came across. That looks like it would be filled with old architectural pieces and hardware. I hope you had a fun trip!

    I just put up a NEW POST on my Blog! If you have a chance, come by and say hi!

    Have a great week,

  2. What fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what your found!

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Oh what FUN!! ... you forgot to pick me up!
    Hope you find lots of treasure ... I can't wait to see what you dig up.


  4. Looking forward to see what you find!! Have a wonderful time! Hugs, Marsha

  5. Ooh. it sounds very interesting. Can't wait!

  6. How exciting! What fun...!!

    xxxLOL LOLA:)

  7. Way too much fun in a barn salvage. Good luck in your treasure hunting. Next time there is a good swap going on give me a nudge, I love to play.

    Followed your link from Cindy's romantic home and really enjoyed all your posts full of all the flavours of home, miss Canada so much in the summer time.

  8. Hi Nerina :)

    I can't wait to see what you find!


  9. Oh ...have lucky girl!!! So wanting to see what you careful!

  10. How fun! Hope you had a nice time and found some great treasures! XOXO

  11. This sounds so exciting.Let me know when you get back from your treasure barn hunt.XXOO Marie Antionette

  12. oooh, looks like my kind of fun, good luck.

  13. Hello, Nerina,
    No telling what interesting things you will find! I am looking forward to your sharing your discoveries. Vicki

  14. Oh My! Sounds exciting...can't wait to see what you found. Love the old nails!


  15. oh cooooooool!!! i love your wonderful barn salvage finds! looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


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