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Tuesday Tidbits .......

Hi there, how are you doin today !!!!

Thanks for dropping in, just thought
I'd show you a few of the things that
have been keeping me busy recently.

These are a couple of critters from our backyard.

Yellow and Black Spider,
don't really like Spiders...this ones pretty cool

A dragonfly taking a rest

We found this snake wrapped around the pool salter....eeekk!!


I participated in 'The Summer Hair Accessories Swap'
with Heather from 'Speckled Egg'

Look what the mailman left me

We made six hair accessories, all the same or different...
....your choice
Heather received them all and distributed
6 various goodies to all of the swap participants

What a fabulous assortment of eye candy
should I say hair candy !!

Originally, I had made these cuties, unfortunately
they were lost in the mail...seriously crazy,

This is the second batch of goodies that I sent out,
with the hope that they would make it safely to Heather...
...they did...whoohoo!!

If they don't want to wear these in their hair,
they can pin them on anything
their little heart desires, tops, purses....so versatile
...I really liked these and they were fun to make


I also participated with Sarah from
'GypsyMermaidLife' as our host
in the 'Vintage Spooky Tag Swap'

For this swap we had to make
13 tags...same or different,
when she receives them,
Sarah will bind them all together
and send us 13 assorted tags...
...so excited to receive them as this was
my first attempt at making tags..
...so so much fun...
...love this crafting thing...its awesome!!!

The front

Front and back

The backs


I also attempted to put together my first scrapbook layout.
This is a picture of my daughter when she was quite young,
(she is 22 now)
I think is turned out pretty cute, this will give me
the motivation to really get in there
and find my own style

Last night was a beautiful evening,
a bit of a glimpse into the rapidly approaching Fall season

Have a Sensational day today!!

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. OMG, Nerina, you are participating in some fabulous swaps! I wish I had the time to participate in one!

    If I had seen that SNAKE near I would have jumped a mile high!! And I don't like spiders either, EEK!!!!

    Have a fab day, GF!


  2. i can't get past the ugly snake, when we first moved in to our house, i opened the bathroom drawer and ther was a garden snake in there, aghhhhhhh, well i went outside to get a bucket, came back, gone. later that day i walked by my husbands closet and saw it going in his boot, i took his boot and threw it wayyyy out back, and made my husband go get his own boot, hate snakes!!!

  3. Lovely images - apart from that SNAKE!! Ugh! Hate snakes!! We get nasty ones here in Andalucia too!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

    PS many thanks for stopping by - commented back to you at end of previous post! xx

  4. Okay Nerina...you know how much I adore you right?...please next time put a warning up...that scared the bajeebers out of me!

    What a fun swap and all the fabulous creating going on...LOVE your organza flowers, very pretty!


  5. Oh my gosh, I was cruising till I saw that awful snake!

    Love all your creative pieces :)

  6. When I was a little girl I begged my mom to let me have a pet snake. She said no. I cried. She said no. I threw a temper tantrum. She said no. Then I went to my friend's house and watched him feed a cute little mouse to his snake. Never wanted a snake again!!!!!

    I love your flowers! So cute!!!

  7. I love your layout and your swaps! Those bugs and that snake are seriously H-U-G-E! lol

  8. i usually am fairly fond of snakes but that one would have scared me lying there!
    and spiders usually freak me out but i like the big garden spiders like this...
    funny, huh?

  9. We have a snake that lives under the front step. I've named him Henry, and always call out for him when I'm going to the mailbox. Don't wish to startle poor Henry. :-)

    Your swaps turned out so great. I think your second hair accessories are very cute, too bad the first ones never showed up. The tag book should be great as well.


  10. Look at you, crafty girl!! Love those hair clips and I can't wait to see your Halloween tag in person ... I was going to take mine to the PO today and missed the closing time by 2 min....really made me mad, will ship tomorrow.

    OMG ... that snake is SCARY! I would have pooped my pants ... really.


  11. Those are some awesome critters you have! And the crafts are really great, too!


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