Friday Favorites

Today is relatively calm after yesterday's
insane Tornados ripped through the city.
One second it was calm and
in the blink of an eye,
wind, pelting rain as well as
extremely vivid lightening
and crazy loud thunder right above your head.
Many homes are still without power and
some roofs have been torn off.
This is not a common weather pattern
for Toronto, although we
are seeing more of this lately.


For a bit of serenity after the storm,
I thought I would show you some of my favorite photos
of clawfoot tubs and serene bathing spaces.

Don't you love the tin ceiling,
stenciling, lace, wood floors and walls

To be able to open the doors on to a
beautiful garden and have the natural light
flood the room when you are starting your day...

The yellow walls really make
the natural wood pop in this master.
Isn't the mantle wall shelf creative.
Love the chippy mirror.

I find that the moulded ceiling
makes this narrow space seem endless

You know I love this color,
so romantic with the pretty plates on the wall
and the old world feel, so cheerful

Who can resist a chandy on the ceiling.
I guess this mantle wall shelf thing is pretty popular

How elegant is this room with the puffy curtains,
the velvet chair and the rococo style gilded mirror..

Pretty dome faucet

Hot, Cold and Shower Diverter Valve,
love the porcelain handles

Oh my gosh.... such a unique door pull,
won't the neighbours be jealous

Recently, we had all of the door knobs
in our home replaced with cut glass... them....the feel on your hands...
...the look...the way they sparkle
when light hits them......brilliant!!!

Enjoy some good times today

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

(all of these rooms courtesy of Country Living Magazine)


  1. You ALWAYS have such wonderful photos for us! What absolutely to die for bathroooms! I WOULD love to have a claw foot bathtub. I am totally into that and my hubby is all contempoary/traditional. We each need our home home, LOL

    Those glass doorknobs are awesome!


  2. Lovely pictures! I need a house with about 10 bathrooms so each can be distinctive and I can have all the different things I like without putting them all in one space.
    Love your new glass knobs, too. They are so much prettier and more interesting than boring, regular door knobs.
    Glad you survived the tornados. We don't have those here. No, we just have earthquakes and mudslides! Oh yeah, and fires.

  3. oh how scary, glad your okay, love the bathrooms, gorgeous

  4. Such lovely retreats! I always love the photos you share. Glad you survived the storm...hope your weekend is a happy, healthy, fun-filled couple of days! xoxo L

  5. Extreme weather does scare me I have to admit. We had a series of heavy thunderstorms in July, but it's been calm since. the downside of summer, right.
    I'd love to have a bathroom that opens into a garden..., imagine..., out of the tub into the fresh air of your own private outdoor space.

  6. Nerina! Sorry to hear about the storms and the damage...I'm glad you are okay!!!!
    As for the photos, you had me at the first one! (my favorite)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope your city has a quick recovery.
    everything vintage

  7. it sounds like you had some scary weather. I'm glad you are safe and well. Love all the beautiful bathrooms, I wish mine looked like one of them!

  8. you wouldn't believe how many of those bathroom pics i have torn out and put into my dream book!
    great taste there lady ;) hee hee
    that first one is the most enchanting...i'm sure that it is in an ivy~covered home that is tucked deep into a forest...lovely.
    have a wonderful weekend~

  9. I love those photos! Jeweled door knobs are one of my favorite things!

  10. That's terrible about the storms.

    Very lovely photo's, I'm thinking of getting a clawfoot bath in our new house. I like the idea of the doorknobs too :)

    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. I am glad that U and your family are SAFE!!!! BEAUTIFUL photos! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  12. What a lovely blog you have!!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by mine.. was a pleasure to meet you!

    TTFN ~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  13. Lovely photos - really adore the glass door knobs!

    Hope you have a great weekend & the storm's over...!


  14. I see we are both Virgos and 46 y/o...and appreciate Decor.

    I trust you will often find my Blog entertaining, that is what I enjoy doing for folks. Your comments are funny!

    Peace and Love

  15. Hi Nerina!

    What a wonderful powder room tour! I was crazy about the one with the domed ceiling...What fabulous architecture.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. Mmmm, some beautiful baths. I'm in need of a bathroom makeover and there's some wonderful inspiration here. Thanks for sharing.


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