Happy Pink Saturday!!

Hello there, I'd like to invite to my new home.

Just follow the path and it's

the Pink house halfway up the hill on the left

Glad you found us, come on in

Oh my gosh, sorry about the mess,
were renovating, I should have closed this door

Have a look at some of my new paintings

This is my favorite

Come this way through the kitchen

My new toy...ain't she perdy

Please sit down, dinner is almost ready

Are you ready for an after dinner cocktail

Too bad you have to go so soon, thanks for coming by,

I'll walk you to your bike

If you would like to visit our hostess

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound,

she will tell you about all of the other

lovlies sharing their pink goodies.

Have a fabulous Pink Day!!

Hugs, Nerina :)


  1. Holy Moly! Now that's some fabulous pink! I love that door, the kitchen is divine and your new toy is fantastic! Thank you for the lovely tour.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I had a fabulous visit my Dahling! Your home is full of pink pretties. I am especially fond of the kitchen. Happy Pink Saturday Nernia and have a good weekend!

  3. Hi, I saw you at Dustjacket Attic and came on over....glad I did!
    LOVE a pink post - that kitchen is fabulous, although my husband would never let me have that!! Where is the first photo of - is it Positano although it looks "hillier" than Positano - it's gorgeous wherever it is!
    Happy Saturday!

  4. I am loving this pink party - what a way to spend a Saturday...Have a happy weekend, xv.

  5. Oh I'm so there honey! I'll just hang around and have another drink :o

  6. I love the painting of the girl on the beach, too!

  7. I absolutely LOVE your post! You're my kind of girl! All these pictures are wonderful and puts me in a PINK mood. I want that kitchen too! And a village in Italy... yes, I can live there.

    Have a very Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Oh, my, what fabulous pictures, Nerina!! I LOVE those PINK kitchen appliances!! I'm going through PiNk SaTuRDaY withdrawals as I won't be participating this week either as I'm going to yet another miniature show, LOL, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi!! Hugs, Marsha

  9. :) what a sweet tour of "your" home. You obviously have wonderful taste, but darlin you might invest in a house keeper hahhaha!

    Such creative work...ty!

    Stop by and say hi if you have a minute... :) would love to have you.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  10. A pretty pink party today!
    Have a very special Pink Saturday!!!!
    xo Tami

  11. Thanks for the tour & the drink!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  12. *sigh* I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PINK!!!! And the paintings are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):)

  13. I had no idea you lived in such a pretty pink house! Love the pink appliances best. Although, the front door is pretty spectacular, as well. I would like to come and visit someday soon! ;-)

  14. oh, i want pink appliances!!! my teenage boy said that would such, what the heck, what does he know, lol

  15. Wow. Great the painting are fabulous!
    Wonderful post.
    Happy weekend.

  16. Ooh, don't we wish? That kitchen with those pink appliances is fabulous! Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, Nerina! What a darling and fun post! Love the pink apapliances! Love those paintings! Your tour was so fun! Thanks so much!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  18. Happy Pink Saturday Nerina!
    Loved your new house. The furnishings are just beautiful. Dinner and cocktails were just delish. Thanks for sharing this beautiful Pink Saturday. Great post honey. Stop by and say hi, as I love it when you do. Country Hugs, Sherry

  19. Hello Nerina, I love your home and had the best time ever. The cocktails were so good and so was the hostess with the mostess. I also love my bike!! Pink of course, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  20. Oh Nerina...you are such a clever girl! LOVE that pink kitchen. Wouldn't you just love having some nice, pink appliances? I swear, it would make me LIKE to cook!

    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday...

    Blessings and hugs,

  21. Your Pink Saturday is so pretty...love the pink scooter too!

  22. What a lovely post. Thank you for inviting us into your house for the pink party ;)

  23. What a GREAT post!! Too fun!! Thank you so much for sharing. Now I have to go and find a pink fridge...if hubby will let me!!!

  24. This was a GREAT Pink Saturday Post...the best I've seen yet! So creative and so PINK! Love all of the photos, but I have to say...I loved the after dinner drink the most! Yummy!!!!
    everything vintage

  25. this is the cutest post! i loved every single image :) you have a fantastic blog. thank you for visiting mine and for your nice comments!

  26. Loved the tour. I used the same shabby room in last week's pink post. That is a great old photo isn't it? Come see how I fit it into my story on July 31.
    I see you joined my following friends. WELCOME! I look forward to more sharing in the future. Love the look of your page...totally different and so cool. Come back soon ;-)

  27. clever, original, and oh so entertaining. Thanks for the terrific post.

    Perhaps I can give your guest a lift in my shinning pink car.

    Thanks for the visit my way.

  28. Oh I want those pink appliances ...
    ..thanks for sharing..
    Angels hovering oh so close....
    God Bless you...

  29. That was fun! I would love to explore the home in shambles more and see what else is there!

  30. What a darling post! I love that kitchen... I need a pink refrigerator :-)

    I like the picture of the pink drinks too... it gave me a good idea for my wedding in March :-)

    Oh! And I really like your blog layout...

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  31. I am so glad I got to come for a visit! Great post!!!! I must say though my favorite pic of all is the one looking up the hill side towards your pink house! :)

    Have fun this week...with lots of yaya lovin'! xo...deb

  32. Hello Nerina, your pink post is clever and interesting. I loved everything except the renovation. Big smile. All the pinks are fun and lovely.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


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