Happy Pink Saturday


Guys can rock pink...what do you think ????

On the runways, Spring 2010

Oh my gosh

The unexpected

Jude Law

Mike James

Dennis Haysbert

Rafael Nadal

Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House

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Have a Terrific Pinkalicious Day

Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)


  1. That first guy certainly rocks the PINK!! I always loved buying my daddy pink shirts because he was so dark he could totally get by with wearing them. My hubby would rather die, tho!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Nice!
    Happy Pink Saturday
    and a great weekend.

  3. My wife says I look good in 'pink'...
    but you can't believe everthing you hear

  4. Happy PS, Nerina! Love the men in pink! Great fun! Love the post!

    Have a great one!


  5. Hi Nerina, Thanks so much for stopping by. Comments from bloggers as nice as yourself certainly make up for the one not so nice person who seems to have gone away (hopefully). Now then can men wear pink??? Hmm! Definately! Not sure many men could wear the pink suit in the first picture, but I do like to see a man wearing a smart dark grey or black pinstripe suit with an open neck pink shirt. I think that looks so smart and stylish. Ive managed to get Mr K to wear a lilac shirt, but Im still working on the pink! LOL! Enjoy the rest of Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend X

  6. The man definitely has to have swagger to wear pink!

  7. I LOVE guys in pink shirts!! That first guy definitely can wear it, as can Rafa Nadal.....great take on "Pink Saturday".....love it!

  8. Love the men in pink. My hubby has a pink shirt. He looks very hansom in it.
    Have a good weekend. Love your blog.

  9. I'd say a guy can rock a pink shirt, but the pants, maybe not so much! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great weekend Nernia!

  10. I choose Dr. House.
    Thanks to visit me.
    Enjoy Pink Saturday!!!

  11. And why not? They all look great - even the 'unexpected.' I do love a man in a pink shirt! Happy Pink Saturday!

  12. okay, from those pictures, only SOME guys can pull it off...lol
    happy pink saturday

  13. Fabulous and Fun pink post!
    I like men in pink!!!
    ~*Happy Pink Saturday*~

  14. What a sweet Pink Saturday blog post! Sadly, every Saturday for the past few weeks it has been raining in northern Michigan. So, this day always brings a little sunshine my way. Thanks so much for the treat!

    ♥Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend♥

  15. I do believe real men wear PINK! Thanks for sharing all those YUMMY eye candies!

  16. Yes!!!! Pink is lovely on the guys! Maybe not as much as photo number 1....but a bit is nice! Thanks for sharing those today!

  17. Hi Nerina
    Love,love... Dr.House in pink...mmm!
    PS:Have I ever told you how much I love the look of your blog,the blue and black,lovely. You always something intresting to say.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Yes! Guys rock in pink!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  19. Thanks for lovely pink post with a twist honey. I love #1 so very sweet.

    Hope your havin' a great weekend,

  20. Yes..guys can rock pink..well, some guys can. :)
    Happy Pinks..have a great weekend.

  21. Some guys rock in pink. Others not so much! I love the photos you've selected to share with us today. I hope you are having a great weekend.

  22. Oh I love that!! My dad and my boyfriend both look awesome in pink...I think its a superhot colour for everyone! x

  23. I could`nt agree with you more!!Real men wear PINK!!From AK;))

  24. I love your take on Pink Saturday this week! I am not a pink on guy kinda gal myself...lol. House and Jude aren't bad though!

  25. I think some men - like House & Jude - look better in pink than others (But then, they'd look good in anything!!!)

    xxLOL LOLA:)

  26. Hi Nerina,
    I love the picture of "House" he's my favorite...

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog for a visit and say hi! I just put up a New Post!
    Have a great day,

  27. Loved looking at all these gorgeous men in pink. Delightful.

  28. Sure. But I like the softer pink, not the bright one like the one on the first photo LOL.


  29. OH I like that Jude Law pic, I think he's the only one who can carry the pink though - the rest look like they are scared of it!

  30. I love it! My fiance has a pink shirt and it's my favorite one on him!

    I think it's secretly his very favorite too, though he wouldn't ever say that out loud lol

    Happy Pink Saturday


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